The Church Within Christian Ministry
11819 Edward Street
Littig, TX 78621


We Are Spirit-Led, Not Tradition-Bound
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About The Church Within Christian Ministry
We are excited about your visit today! We believe that your visit to our site was ordained by God and that you shall receive everything that you desire today.

We are a non-denomination church and we allow the Holy Spirit to move freely in our services. We are a œSpirit-led church. Not bound by tradition. We are a church of deliverance and want to help you make the next step towards SALVATION! No matter where you are in your journey, we invite you to discover more of God with us.‹

Come and join us for our Sunday morning Worship Service, we promise you won't leave the same way you came. We ask that you come with your heart and mind ready to receive a blessing from God. Want you meet him half way? God is waiting for you. It doesn't matter what you did in the past. God is ready to receive you into his Kingdom on this day. 

Come and discover who God is, who we are and how you can have the relationship with God that you were meant to have.

It is our desire to make a difference in the lives of people by bringing them into a holy and saving relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. To deliver them from whatever is hindering from personally becoming committed and a disciplined member of the Kingdom of God who are fully equipped for the challenges of life, the expectation of God and the demands of the ministry. It is our desire to transform people into believers and believers into faith-walkers through the process of promoting obedience to God and intimacy with God.